Mobile application dedicated to facilitate the sales process

If you are a business owner, avansales mSFA improves your top-line and reduces your TCO while giving you control over the sales process (stocks, prices, sales orders, balances, due dates) for your peace of mind.
If your are a sales manager or a supervisor, this is a great monitoring tool so you to meet your sales targets.
If you are a salesman, it relieves you from routine tasks and gets you the focus on the client while accurately calculates your incentives. avansales mSFA is highly flexible and really easy to integrate with your existing ERP, database or spreadsheet system.

Sell big and fast - register orders at any time and place

  • Access previous orders and customer history.
  • Register the suited items in the right amounts.
  • Show delightful product images.

Improve collecting - know the due invoices daily

  • Guide the sales rep to register due payments.
  • Print the receipt on the way.
  • Manage sales agent commission based on meeting their sales target.

Save transportation cost - plan the selling routes

  • Organize your sales territory.
  • Assign visiting days for each client and sales rep.
  • Plan the visits following the optimal route.

Manage time efficiently - easy access to client data

  • Allow client segmentation on distribution channels and visiting days.
  • Register starting and ending time for each client visit.
  • Register starting and ending mileage for each working day.

Happy on boarding - enjoy the ride from the beginning

  • Have your business identification data automatically retrived from public ledgers or from social media.

Native Android